QS Unisolution is organizing a series of interviews with Higher Education institutions in North America to discuss how international partnerships can be leveraged to help universities through the COVID-19 crisis. We’re calling each 30-minute session an “idea snack” because it will be short, satisfying and easy to digest!

To secure your place in any of the sessions, simply complete the form below and choose your preferred date(s). If you register and you are unable to attend the live session, you will be sent a recording afterwards.

The interview sessions and dates will be as follows:
  • 9 June (session video available): Stacy Burger (Director Global Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives), Lehigh University

  • 16 June (session video available): Megan Fulmes (International Information Specialist), University of Saskatchewan - "Measuring the ROI of International Research Agreements"

  • 23 June (session video available): Kike Ehigiator (Director of International Partnerships and Agreements), Georgia State University - "Data-Driven Partnerships"

  • 30 June (session video available): Peter Hansen (Director of International and Global Studies), Worcester Polytechnic Institute - “A Model for Global Project-Based Learning”

  • 7 July (session video available): Sara Berman (Interim Director, Ryerson International) & Rana Latif (Director of Marketing and Strategic Development in the Faculty of Communication and Design), Ryerson University - "The Global Campus Studio Project: Innovation in Virtual Programming"

  • 14 July (session video available): Buffy St Amand (Director of International Relations), University of Calgary - "A System for Evaluating and Prioritizing International Partnerships"

  • 21 July (session video available): Uttiyo Raychaudhuri (Vice Provost for Internationalization), University of Denver - "Adaptation of a partnership strategy to support COIL"

  • 28 July (session video available): Jill Scott (Provost and Vice-President), Academic Affairs, University of Ottawa - "Crisis Management as Strategic Management"
In addition to learning something new every time you join, you will be able to make new connections with stakeholders from other universities and expand your professional network.